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Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, and accordingly we set the highest standards for quality in our products. In our opinion, quality cannot be left to accident but has to be implemented systematically and with great care, day after day. We want our products not only to taste good but to be safe, healthy and natural as well.

To guarantee the safety of our products, we work in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system:

  • Identification of dangers
  • Determination of critical points
  • Determining threshold values
  • Complete monitoring of critical points
  • Determination of corrective measures
  • Inspection and compliance of every step
  • Documentation

But to implement our quality even more comprehensively, we aligned our production with the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS) and achieved a certification corresponding to the higher level. The annual check not only ensures implementation and maintenance of very good hygienic practices and all other measures anchored in the IFS set of regulations but is, for us, also an incentive to continue to develop and improve.


Our most recent improvement measure with regard to quality is an inspection system for our products wrapped in a protective atmosphere, for instance, the classic Vinschgauer, the delicious Minivinschgauer and savory Vinschgauer with Bacon.