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Inspection system

This inspection system is composed of 3 series of connected inspection stations: one device to inspect wrappings for their impermeability; an inspection scale; and a metal detector. The inspection system supports us in our efforts to guarantee the safety of our products according to the HACCP system.

  1. Inspecting for leaky wrappings
    The impermeability of the wrapping in a protective atmosphere is an important control parameter, because only in an impermeable wrapping can the protective atmosphere perform its protective function – for instance, preventing the growth of mould. With the aid of a very sensitive device, we are able to check unit after unit for very small damages; leaky wrappings are removed automatically. Hence, we can guarantee that only intact products will reach the customer. The protective atmosphere permits us to abstain from preservatives; the breads keep their typical taste for months and, after briefly finish-baking, will be tenderly crisp once more.
  2. Checking the nominal weight
    The scale checks the weight of each individual package. Units not in conformity with the nominal filling quantity are eliminated too.
  3. Checking for the absence of metallic foreign bodies
    The metal detector checks every package for possible metal particles.

Inspection systemInspection system